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Channel Title : The Sports Fury

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Patriots vs Chiefs. This is the AFC Championship! Who's going to the Super Bowl? Who do you got? Join Josh & Shawn as they provide their Live Play-By-Play & Reactions as well as interacting with you in the Live Chat! #LARvsNO Merch: Follow us: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Facebook: You can send mail to us at: The Sports Fury PO Box 250567 Plano, TX 75025 Business inquiry:

Channel Title : DW News

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International news in English 24/7. DW Live provides world news and current affairs from the heart of Europe across the globe. DW English is the flagship channel for Germany's international broadcaster – made in Germany, made for minds. Subscribe for more - Visit our website - The latest News on Twitter - Join the discussion on Facebook -

Channel Title : P&K Science

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The moon will pass through Earth's shadow tonight in the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and you won't want to miss it! If you do, you'll have to wait two years for the next one. And if you're in North America, you'd have to wait even longer, until 2022! The partial stage of the lunar eclipse begins at 10:34 p.m. EST Sunday night (0334 GMT Monday morning) with the total eclipse beginning at 11:41 p.m. EST (0441 GMT Monday morning). Totality lasts for about an hour, and then the moon will exit the partial eclipse phase at 1:51 a.m. EST Monday morning (0651 GMT). FACEBOOK: TWITTER: The best way to support what we do is getting yourself one the T-shirts below. Please Keep Foul Language To Yourself. This is a science based channel. We do realize that there is a certain sect of people that believe in a Earth Other than Round or a rogue planet that doesn't exist. This is not a channel that subscribes to ANY of those theories. We do not feel the need to entertain, debate, or give an audience to anyone who believes those theories to be true. If you believe those things, congratulations. Feel free to talk about them with like minded individuals on your own channels or channels with the same beliefs as yourself. We would rather keep this channel scientific with proven data than subscribe to the pseudo-science that is pushed by so many other YouTube Channels. No matter what you believe, we wish EVERYONE the very best in this vast search for truth. Paul and I stream the moon to the world to help educate and give people a rare look at the moon that they may have never seen and to look for anomalies that otherwise would not be seen. We would be doing this whether we have 1 viewer or 1 million viewers. We do this as a service to those who, like us, are natural explorers and want to learn and converse about Earth's only natural satellite... Luna A.K.A The Moon. Scope Operation: Paul- Miami FL Celestron 4" Telescope Meade 12" 305mm LX90 Meade 10" Scope Celestron 8"HD Celestron CPC 10" Scope Celestron CPC 11" Scope Meade 12" (3800) 80mm ED Carbon Fiber For Wide Field Viewing Celestron 130mm Refractor Medium Coronado 40mm, 480 focal length Solar Scope Completely Custom Broadcasting Camera **plus some secret attachments :)** Imaging and Optics: Keith- Pennsylvania YouTube Operation, Social Media Manager NASA OnEarth Imaging software FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Software DON 3.1 Stellarium (For cross referencing) Nasa EYES (For cross referencing) (These are not all used during streaming, some are used in Post and/or Setup)

Channel Title : NBA

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Stay up to date with the LIVE scoreboard and catch all the action on #NBAonABC! 8:30pm/et: Los Angeles Lakers @ Houston Rockets Subscribe to the NBA: For news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at Get NBA LEAGUE PASS:

Channel Title : Unbox Therapy

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The iPhone Smart Battery Case (for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR) will boost the battery performance of your Apple iPhone. It also features wireless charging, but it'll cost you $129 iPhone XS Battery Cases (USA Link) - iPhone XS Battery Cases (International) - WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS... I've got some bad news. Switching To iPhone Could Save Your Life... This Is Not A Laptop... Could This Actually Be The iPhone 11? Cancel Save changes Can You Spot The Hidden Tech? The Foldable Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now Apple Airpods Buyers Need To See This! The Redmi Note 7 Could Be Smartphone Value Champion A Different Kind Of Smartphone... Humans Are Physically Attacking Self-Driving Cars Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price The Most Minimalist Phone The iPhone Will Be Made In India... But Why? The iPad Pro Is Bending. I'm Not Happy. Can You Spot The Notch? The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones... Bose or Sony? This Is Not A Flamethrower... BUYER BEWARE Is It A Smartphone Or Is It A Laptop? The Palm Phone actually fits in your palm They Sent A Special OnePlus 6T… Is The Surface Go A Real Computer? My Next Smartphone May Surprise You... Wait... This Headset Does WHAT? The Truth About The iPad Pro... You’ve Never Seen A Smartphone Like This… The Mind Bending 77-inch Wallpaper TV The Craziest Smartphone Yet... Can The Google Pixel Slate Beat The iPad Pro? Is The Huawei Mate 20 Pro As Good As They Say? Is Nokia Back? I’m quitting computers Is The Surface Laptop 2 The Perfect Laptop? The Enormous Microsoft Surface Studio 2 The Addictive Sliding Smartphone... The Incredible Dual Screen Smartphone… Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money? Is This The Best Laptop For Most People? The Project Tesla Solar Powered Smartphone 3 Unusual Gadgets With Secret Features... OnePlus 6T - Is This My Next Smartphone? Unboxing Every iPhone XR Unboxing a $1300 Professional Fighting Robot Is The Pixel 3 A Scratch Magnet? This Smartphone Will Change Everything... Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now? Razer Phone 2 Unboxing - Can It Compete? I'm Switching To The Google Pixel 3 XL... The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It. Unboxing Every Google Pixel 3 XL + Pixel 3 This Smartphone Has 5 Cameras… But Why? The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem... Realme 2 Pro Unboxing - The $200 Real Deal My iPhone XS Max Is Doing Something Weird... I'm Switching To The iPhone XS Max... Unboxing Every iPhone XS + XS Max iPhone XS + XR Actual Battery Capacity Revealed The iPhone XR Is Depressing... FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Google Plus -

Channel Title : Golden State Times

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President Trump urgent Address to the Nation President Trump delivers a prime time address to the nation on National security as the partial government shutdown, now in its third week, continues from the Oval Office 🔴We Need Your Help to Stay on the Air: Buy Our Official High Energy Coffee Mug: Buy Our Official High Energy Mousepad: If you would like to give a Contribution on Paypal: NOTIFICATIONS: 🔔To get Notified when we go LIVE for a Stream Text AMERICAFIRST to 555888 SOCIAL MEDIA: 📌Want to report the News? Do it Here: 📌 Like us on Facebook: 📌 Follow us on Twitter: 📌 Subscribe for more: Golden State Times News Channel (GST) is a Live Political news Channel dedicated to delivering Political news as well as Breaking News and Impacting news. The number one network on YouTube, GST has been the most watched news channel since 2016 and we have become the most trusted news source on the web. Owned by Patriots in California, GST has been seen in more than 90 million homes and dominates the online news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in Political Events.


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